OMETEC Machines

OMETEC has a mechanical workshop with high technological content and its strengths are in:

- CNC milling with high speed spindles
- high speed EDM with linear motors
- wire EDM with wire diameter 0.1 mm
- CNC milling with high speed spindles for graphite machining
- micro drilling for holes with a diameter from 0.3 to 3 mm.


OMETEC has the following machines, sorted by type with a specification of the X, Y and Z axes.

N°6 elettro-erosioni a FILO

AGIE mod. AGIECUT PROGRES II (350x250x250)
AGIE mod. AGIECUT PROGRES III (500x350x420)
SODICK mod. AQ537L PREMIUM con motori lineari (570x370x350)
SODICK mod. A320D (324x212x176)
SODICK mod. A500W (500x400x270)
Mitsubishi MV-R Advance Plus

N°2 microforatrici

SODICK mod. K1C (da Ø 0,3 a Ø 3mm 250x350x240)
TEC.MA. mod. CM-500 (da Ø 0,3 a Ø 3 mm 500x350x420)

CAM Station

The department milling and EDM WIRE OMETEC used to generate the toolpaths 5 workstation, with the following software installed CAM:
N° 1 stazioni CAM MILLING software DELCAM PowerMILL
N° 2 stazioni CAM MILLING software VISI 3D MACHINING
N° 1 stazione CAM EDM WIRE software PCAM
N° 1 stazione CAM EDM WIRE software VISI WIRE

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